About Insiders

The Clinique Insider’s Club is where friends of Clinique are able to share their passion for beauty and skincare through a creative video series or blog.

We’re opening a call to entry for those interested to join our exclusive Insider’s Club to send in their applications, and apply to become part of our Clinique family.

As an Insider, you’ll get exclusive sneak peeks of the latest Clinique skincare and makeup products. You will have the opportunity to give product reviews and opinions that will be seen, heard and read on clinique-insiders.co.za. Insiders will also have access to special upcoming events and will receive a special welcome kit which will include full-size Clinique products for review.

How to become a Clinique Insider

Selected Clinique Insiders will receive products each month for a year and learn how to create professional video and written reviews of the Clinique products. New Insiders will attend a series of special beauty review training workshops to learn expert insider beauty blogging tips, and be invited to other special events.

Keen to join the Clinique Insider’s Club?

If you have an existing beauty blog, fill out your personal details below.

If you do not have a beauty blog, create a 2 minute video of yourself reviewing a beauty product. Upload the video to YouTube and fill out your personal details below.

Enquiries: info@za.clinique.com

Submissions close 20 January.

Selected Insiders will be contacted by 25 January 2016.

The campaign launches on 1 February 2016.